GFP-Kaffee (Arabica & Robusta) [250g]


Includes 7% reduced VAT rate

At around 160 litres per citizen and year, coffee is Germany’s favourite drink. However, it is often carelessly made with capsule machines or poorly designed coffee machines. Anyone who has not actually trained as a coffee lover, anyone who is not able to compete with a wine connoisseur when it comes to detailed knowledge of his favourite bean upon tasting it, has probably never given much thought to this invigorating drink.

The company Good Feelings Products decided to apply its many years of experience in dealing with fine natural products to high-quality coffee as well.

GFP Gourmet Coffee is roasted particularly gently and carefully in our private roastery for over 40 minutes. In contrast to conventional coffee production methods, this process allows the essential oils of the valuable beans to develop optimally and prevents the bitter substances in the coffee from being released.

The Arabica portion consists of two varieties: a washed highland Arabica from Nicaragua, which has a very soft, harmonious taste profile, and an Indian Monsoon Malabar.

What is special about the Monsoon Malabar is that this coffee is exposed to the monsoon wind and rain for several months after the harvest. As a result, the beans have practically no acidity and a distinct chocolatey and nutty taste.

A delight for coffee lovers – and those who want to become one!

Special note: even people who usually don’t drink coffee in their everyday life or don’t really like coffee say that GFP Gourmet Coffee agrees with them exceptionally well and tastes fantastic.